Tideshift Media is an information technology
provider that integrates today’s digital
needs with workflow solutions.

Since 1996 we have been involved in the information and marketing industries. Our expertise spans across many trades and crafts. We are 100% referral based looking to service corporate and private business interests.

Tideshift Media Inc. was created to bring professionals together. We are armed and ready with the expertise, experience, and creativity to provide our clients with top-tier services.  We seek to work with other professionals—leaders in their own industries.

We don’t believe in being paper tigers or flashy sales folk to get your business. Our reputation and referrals speak for themselves. We always qualify our clients and determine if we can have a long standing business relationship. We only work with the best, as should you.

If you’d like to discover more about us, our team, and our backgrounds please visit the link provided. Thanks for visiting our website and continue to scroll down for more information.


Our efforts are focused to increase your
bottom line. We do this by analyzing your
overall needs and learning your business.

We help businesses of all sizes reign-in I.T. and marketing needs. While our core business is servicing corporate clients, we help any business/owner willing to put the time into doing it right the first time, so they can enjoy success along the way.

Do you have a full-time I.T & marketing professionals working for your interest? With all our clients we manage, maintain, and evolve digital and offline systems as well as methods to help the bottom-line. We address much more than “just a website or app”.

If it has a digital pulse we can help you. We design, develop behavior design methods into the information technology landscape you need.  We suggest, advise, and act on your behalf.

All our work today is involved in providing the best solutions for your business. We are confident that what we do works 100% of the time. Just ask all our clients! We have no fear showing who they are because they love us.


Our methodology is based on providing you
the best solutions that drive business. It
works every time and you see growth!

What if we told you we could guarantee success and growth? It’s a bold statement, but one we know is true no matter the size, state or situation. Our process of working with clients and developing strategies works every time.

Imagine having a partner that works with you everyday, unleashing technology solutions aimed at bringing you more business and improved daily procedures. That’s how we work—As partners invested in each other.

You benefit from not having to sift through mediocrity and choose providers that hinder your results. Avoiding these low quality providers will save you money and TIME, in potential opportunity, growth and success.

Build it right the first time. That’s our mantra. Our services provide you with access to professionals that worked in some of the largest companies providing advanced IT solutions at a fraction of the cost.

“I told Brian ‘I have a ton of amazing experience as an injury lawyer, but I want the phone to ring more often so I can “cherry pick” my best clients/cases.’ And he did just that: mission accomplished.”
Thomas R. Harris, Harris Law Group
“I am a client for life, period! I have grown my business into a multi-studio operation and sell mobile apps globally all from the ideas that they proposed. I could not have done it without them.”
Elizabeth Farrell, EFMusicLessons.com
“Simply amazing. Brian and his team accomplish what companies with a floor of IT people barely achieve. We tried several times with other vendors and could not find a solution. Brian immediately solved our issues! ”
Sean Pascoe, ABI Construction


We are professional IT providers with engineering, development and marketing backgrounds. We cover several areas of expertise and continue to stay informed on all new and growing trends (that actually work!) In the end we help you chart a path to use our professional labor for your business. Ask and see how we can help you!


See some of our case studies with companies big and small.